Clinical Experience

adolecent counseling

Families and Adolescents 2010-2013

I have been working with families since 2010. Starting at a residential treatment center for teens, in these three years I found my passion in psychotherapy and helping families communicate with each other better. The foundation of being heard with active listening, validation, and empathy can change how people feel about themselves and others. 

codependency counseling

Substance Abuse Treatment 2013-2017

When I relocated to California in 2013, I was introduced to addiction treatment. Learning about the underlining traumatic experiences, pain, and disorders that often contributes to the continuation of using drugs and alcohol, allowed me to grow in my ability to treat anxiety, depression, bi polar, loneliness, childhood trauma, and personality disorders. 

family counseling

Art Therapy

Although Art Therapy is something new that I have begun to learn about, I have found drawing or creating has many benefits for those struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, concentration issues, and feeling overwhelmed. 

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