C.A.R.E. Communication: Connecting Teens & Parents

What is C.AR.E. Communication?

I provide a psychoeducational course for parents that are having a difficult time connecting and communicating with their teens. The sequence consists of three courses and gives parents another perspective when interacting with their teens. Take home ideas and tools are a few things parents will leave with after my C.A.R.E. Communication course.

Background- In 2010, I began working at a residential treatment center, CALO, for teens (13-19) who suffered from emotional issues, past trauma, and behavioral problems. There, I spent three years learning about working with teens while I attended graduate school for mental health counseling online. My passion for this population had always been present in me, as I was a troubled teen once. While working at CALO, my passion to help teens feel better emotionally and mentally ignited and has been burning ever since. Watching and learning how parents and teens could improve their connection and communication has, now, become my life’s work. 

At CALO, staff started with building trust with the teens, providing appropriate structure and boundaries, helping them learn and navigate their own decisions and choices, and ultimately moving them through to Interdependence. Some of the tools used in order to connect with teens and provide boundaries and structure are part of the foundation of my C.A.R.E. Communications program. Over the last eight years, I have implemented these tools to connect with teens in treatment centers and in my previous private practice, and now I want to teach parents. I have seen the positive changes this program has created for teens, parents, and families over and over, again. 

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